The easiest way for designers to keep track on their projects.

FlySolo integrates your favourite apps and organize your projects, files, emails, time track, tasks and activities so you don’t have to do it.

Exclusive environment per job

Every job has a totally individual environment, so you can invite each client to participate on their own project inside FlySolo.


A chronological and visual way to keep track on everything that is happening in your project. Emails from clients, design files, calendar events, estimates and more.


Connect your favorite apps with your project. Instead of checking every website of file storage, email, prototype tool, we make everything automated for you in one place.


Talking to a client can be a problem. Email, Skype, Slack? Instead, integrate everything in your project and also receive feedback from clients directly in your files.


Not only your clients, but also your project mates can participate by posting content and commenting on your timeline. One place to do and keep everything.

All we need is love

We are not trying to replace your favourite tools, but instead, make you love them even more by bringing them together. And if there is any love left to give, you can ❤ us.

Made by designers for designers

We’ve been having the same problems as you for the last 15 years, and we got tired. Believe me, we feel your pain, and that’s why we decided to build Flysolo. The first real app created for you, and me, design freelancers.

Get early access! It's free!

We are soon launching private beta, but we are working hard and getting ready.

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